Green Energy

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Project

Latest News...Full funding has been achieved for the renewable technologies with thanks to The Low Carbon Buildings Programme Phase 2 and The Big Lottery.

The new community centre has been designed to be energy efficient, far beyond the requirements of current regulations. It will be well sealed with energy saving measures such as an auto-opening/closing front door, movement controlled low-energy lighting, water-saving measures and a zoned heating system which is powered by a high efficiency boiler system.

Proposed technologies showing the solar-water and solar-PV panels


green energy

Structurally, the building will benefit from extra thick, well-insulated walls and a super-insulated, deep roof using Warmcel insulation. This is manufactured from recycled newspaper and is injected into the roof space to ensure maximum insulation of the void.

It is a committed aim of the Owen Harris Memorial Ground Committee to provide a building which is of a sustainable and environmentally friendly design that will serve the community well into the future. To this end the group have applied for funding to install solar technologies to the building as the design of the structure and the site lend themselves ideally to this form of renewable technology.

Many options have been considered over the years and much consultation has been made. Our aim is to install a solar-water and solar-PV systems which can assist our water-heating system, under floor heating and electrical consumption. This will reduce CO2 emissions, aid running costs, keep rentals low and be a showpiece for further projects as well as an educational hub for those interested in these technologies.

Should the required funding obtained, we aim to furnish the building with the renewables as outlined below…

Several solar-water panels will be fitted to the clerestory of the building and to the main roof (as shown above). Four solar-water panels will be fitted to the clerestory and six to the main roof. The combination of angles for the panels will allow us to maximise the solar capture for water heating during all seasons of the year. This will greatly aid the heating system by providing background heat for the under floor heating and the domestic/shower water. We expect to achieve 9,000kWh of heat per year from the installed system.

Intended solar-water detail showing internal thermal-store and remote monitoring station.
Similarly, solar PV panels will be fitted to the main roof to enable electricity generation. This power will mainly be consumed at source as the building will be in use most days of the week. We expect nearly 6,000kWh of electricity to be generated per year with the proposed system.

Intended solar-PV detail showing the remote monitoring station and connection to the electrical system

For research projects, the heat and power generated by the renewable technologies will be logged and uploaded to this site, displayed and be made available for use by anyone interested in studying the statistics.

If you would like further information about the renewable technologies we wish to install, please contact us here and we will be happy to discuss our plans in greater detail.